The 5 Big Ones: A Guide To Breast Cancer Treatment

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is scary. What is almost as scary is thinking about what treatments you will soon have to endure. Most patients' minds instantly go to surgery and chemotherapy. Indeed, many cases of breast cancer are treated with surgery and chemo — but these are only two of the 5 Big Ones, which are the breast cancer treatment options available. To help you better understand what your true treatment options might be, take a look at each of the 5 Big Ones below. Read More 

Tips for Using Testosterone Replacement Cream

If your testosterone levels are low and it has begun to affect your sex life and overall well-being, your doctor may have prescribed a testosterone replacement cream for you to use. Such creams come with a lower risk of side effects than other forms of testosterone supplementation, like injections, but there are still a few intricacies involved with their use. Here are a few tips to help ensure success when using testosterone replacement cream. Read More 

Is It Possible To Have Fall Allergies? Unfortunately, It Actually Is!

While you may associate pollen allergies with the spring season when all of the flowering trees and plants are in great abundance, many people have horrible allergies in the fall as well. Typically, fall allergic reactions are caused by a yard weed known as ragweed. Ragweed is a flowering plant belonging to the aster plant family. It has pointed green leaves and sends up tall stalks with small purple and white flowers. Read More 

Risk Reducing Strategies For Heredity Or Genetic Cancer

If you have a strong family history of gynecological cancers, then you may have contacted a DNA testing company to inquire about their testing services. Whether you submit to testing at a traditional laboratory or by submitting a DNA sample through the mail, the results may be startling.  While your test may reveal that you have a genetic predisposition to breast, ovarian, endometrial, or uterine cancer, there are things you can to do lower your risk. Read More 

Three Benefits Of “Head-Out” Cryotherapy

Whether you're an athlete, someone who is trying to recover from a recent injury, or simply someone who is interested in checking out health-focused activities, you may have decided to give cryotherapy a try. This subzero therapy is increasingly popular, with multiple clinics located in many areas. If you're new to cryotherapy, one of the decisions that you'll need to make is what type of chamber you use. Some chambers are fully immersive, while others surround your body from the shoulders down but leave your neck and head outside of the chamber. Read More