Reasons To Use Urgent Care For Minor Injury Car Accidents

If you need medical attention after a car accident, an urgent care center may be suitable under certain circumstances. Urgent care offers many benefits for those who do not need immediate emergency treatment. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider visiting an urgent care center after your car accident.

Urgent Care Wait Times Are Less

Unless you are experiencing a life-threatening condition, you will likely wait a long time in the emergency room. Emergency rooms prioritize their patients based on the severity of their condition. With an urgent care center, you are often served based on the order you came in or by appointment. Many urgent care centers are less busy compared to emergency rooms.

Urgent Care Is More Convenient

Many communities have more urgent care centers than emergency rooms. More centers mean less travel to get treatment. These centers are often open 24 hours a day or have long open hours. Plus, you can easily find out more about them, which doctors work there, and what conditions they treat.

Urgent Care Handles Non-Emergency Situations

Urgent care centers are ideal for non-emergency accident-related issues. They can handle issues like whiplash, minor aches and pains, and swelling. An urgent care center is also a good place to go if your symptoms are vague or if you want a doctor to check you over after an accident.

Urgent Care Costs May Be Lower

If healthcare costs concern you, then you may want to choose an urgent care center over an emergency room. These centers tend to be more cost- and insurance-friendly. Even if you are planning a lawsuit to recoup the costs, you may want to save on upfront costs. However, not all urgent care centers are the same, so if billing concerns you, talk to the staff about it.

Urgent Care Frees Up Emergency Rooms

When you choose urgent care over an emergency room for non-emergency situations, you free up space for those who need it. Emergency rooms are limited and often cannot offer timely help, even for serious situations. The more attention they spend with non-emergency issues, the less likely a true emergency is handled in time.

Of course, you should seek emergency treatment for life-threatening conditions. If you experience any type of consciousness issue, broken bones, severe fever, or difficulty breathing, go to the emergency room. If you just need to be checked out after an accident or you're experiencing minor problems like mild headaches or neck problems, then an urgent care clinic can help.