Three Homemade Face Masks That Are Perfect For Winter

During the chilly winter months, the cold, dry air can make your skin feel flaky and dehydrated. Restore its natural moisture with one of these homemade face masks. Each recipe contains moisturizing and fragrant ingredients for an enjoyable experience that will leave you looking and feeling fresher. Yogurt and Ginger Mask Yogurt and olive oil are packed with moisture, and ginger contains important antioxidants that will increase blood circulation to your skin, promoting a fuller, more youthful appearance. Read More 

Soft Water Busted: Common Misconceptions About Water Softening Systems

No matter where you live in this country, there is a chance that you have issues with hard water. The term hard water comes from the idea that the water is polluted with too many minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals, which are not naturally present in rainwater, are often picked up from the ground or even in water treatment facilities. From dingy looking clothing to filmy buildup on the shower door, hard water can provide a whole list of undesirable problems in the household. Read More