Did You Have Bell’s Palsy And Your Face Is Drooping? 2 Cosmetic Procedures You Can Choose

If you had Bell's palsy in the past, you likely have facial paralysis on one side of your face. This means you have weak facial muscles, which results in paralysis of the affected area of your face. This can affect the movement around your mouth and/or eyes and other areas of the face. It also causes this side of your face to droop.  Below are some cosmetic procedures you might want to consider if you want to feel better about yourself and your appearance. Read More 

2 Things Ice Hockey Goalies Can Do To Prevent Knee Injuries

The butterfly position that is favored by many ice hockey goalies in recent years places a great deal of strain on the knee joint. If you are worried about maintaining the health of your knees as you try to stop pucks in the upcoming hockey season, there are some things that you can do to try and prevent many of the knee injuries that plague goalies. Here are two things to implement into your daily routine if you want to avoid a serious knee injury when you step out onto the ice next season. Read More 

What Are The Different Types Of Prosthetic Limbs?

The loss of a limb is a very traumatic experience to go through. Fortunately, with the development of prosthetic limbs, many people have been able to regain functionality that is similar to that of using their natural limbs. The type of prosthetic limb that works best for a person depends on the location of the lost limb. These are the different types of prosthetic limbs that are available today. Transradial Prosthetics Read More 

Making Your Home “Recovery Ready” For Your Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The arthritis in your knee has become so severe that the pain keeps you from being active. Your orthopedic surgeon has you scheduled for a total knee joint replacement in a few weeks. You're looking forward to being able to walk without pain again, but you must have a successful recovery from the surgery first. Recovering from home will be easier if you prepare the house for your arrival from the hospital. Read More 

Proper Evaluation Determines Whether Your Child Suffers From ADHD

It certainly isn't unusual for a child not to sit still for any extended period of time. It becomes intriguing when these individuals can neither sit still nor pay attention. Sometimes they also exhibit controlling impulsive behavior at the same time. When symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) begin to affect children in school, there is usually interference with their academic studies. This child may also become fidgety in social settings as well as the workplace. Read More