Choosing The Right Frames To Accent Your Face

Is it time for a change when it comes to your eyeglasses? If so, then you might be considering the option of shopping around for new frames. However, with so many different options available, how can you know which frames will best complement the size and unique features of your face? Well, selecting the frames that'll best accentuate your face is easier than you might think when you take the following factors into consideration. Read More 

Motivating Your Child To Exercise More

Treating exercise as an important family value will cause your children to value exercise more. Have your entire family get into the car, drive to the park and engage in fun activities that keep everyone active. When the entire family exercises together, this will send a message to your children about the importance of doing so. Exercise as a Family To make family exercises easier, pick a time when your family is the most likely to be together and schedule this as a moment to exercise. Read More 

The Emotional Case For Assisted Living

As the daughter of an elderly mother, you know all too well the degree to which the medical community has come to the rescue for your family following your mom's injury. The recommended next move is to relocate her to an assisted-living facility, and the decision is weighing on your shoulders.  No doubt it's a big decision for you both financially and emotionally. On the finance side, the average monthly price tag for a one-bedroom assisted living unit was $3,500 as of 2014, and that number tends to rise with inflation. Read More 

Planning An Environmentally Friendly Funeral And Burial

 If you are making final arrangements for someone or pre-planning your own funeral and burial, there are a number of ways you can make the process more environmentally friendly: Preparation of the Body You may not be aware that is possible and legal to refuse embalming, and there are plenty of good reasons to avoid it including: The fluid normally used contains formaldehyde, solvents, and methanol, which denature body cells and make them resistant to the natural bacterial breakdown of the body. Read More 

Three Homemade Face Masks That Are Perfect For Winter

During the chilly winter months, the cold, dry air can make your skin feel flaky and dehydrated. Restore its natural moisture with one of these homemade face masks. Each recipe contains moisturizing and fragrant ingredients for an enjoyable experience that will leave you looking and feeling fresher. Yogurt and Ginger Mask Yogurt and olive oil are packed with moisture, and ginger contains important antioxidants that will increase blood circulation to your skin, promoting a fuller, more youthful appearance. Read More