Choosing The Right Frames To Accent Your Face

Is it time for a change when it comes to your eyeglasses? If so, then you might be considering the option of shopping around for new frames. However, with so many different options available, how can you know which frames will best complement the size and unique features of your face? Well, selecting the frames that'll best accentuate your face is easier than you might think when you take the following factors into consideration.

Face Shape

To get started, you'll want to be aware of what your specific face shape is. Some common face shapes include:

  • oval
  • oblong
  • diamond
  • round
  • square

Generally, those with a round or oval face are best suited for frames with sharp angles, which help to balance out the roundness of the face. On the other hand, those with a square or diamond-shaped face may be better off with rounded frames, which will contrast the natural angles of the face and help to smooth them out. Examples of frame types to consider include oval, round, and cat's-eye.

Nose Size

Of course, face shape alone may not be enough to help you select your ideal eyeglass frames. The size of your nose could also impact the style of frame that's best for you. If you have a larger nose, then a pair of oversized eyeglass frames will probably be best. That's because oversized frames can help to balance out your nose size. On the other hand, if you have a smaller nose, then a pair of glasses with a high bridge and lighter color will help to make your nose appear more in-proportion to the rest of your face.


Finally, you should also take your skin complexion into consideration when selecting new eyeglass frames. Specifically, those with pale complexions are best suited in frames that are lightweight and lighter in color. Frames that are too dark can be too contrasting and actually make the skin appear more pale than it is. On the other hand, those with darker complexions tend to look great in metallic-colored frames, such as golds and silvers. However, black frames should be avoided, as they are often a bit too heavy for those with an already-dark complexion.

By keeping these factors under consideration as you shop for your next pair of eyeglasses, you'll ultimately be able to choose a pair of frames that beautifully complement your natural features and make you feel confident. Visit a local eyeglass dealer like Kitsap Optical Inc for more information.