Looking At The Risk Factors That Contribute To Brain Aneurysm Formation

If someone in your family has had a brain aneurysm, you should be aware of the risk factors associated with aneurysm formation. Brain aneurysms have been found to run in families and one can rupture without presenting any symptoms, many of them causing death in seconds after rupturing. Learning more about the risk factors that can lead to brain aneurysms and about the symptoms of one is extremely important. Smoking And High Blood Pressure Are Huge Risk Factors Read More 

Burned And Blistered? 3 Ways To Care For A Sunburn After The Fact

When it comes to getting burned by the sun, prevention is better than treatment. However, at least half of all young adults get burned each year. Unfortunately, some will get burned bad enough that they will suffer for several days. The good news is that sunburns are treatable. If you get burned, you can alleviate some of your symptoms with proper care. The following are three ways to care for your sunburn after the fact. Read More 

The 24-Hour Itch: Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Hives

Itchy skin is no fun – but if the itching is accompanied by red (or, in some cases, skin-colored) raised bumps on the skin that turn white when pressed, you've got a bigger problem than the maddening itching: hives. Regular cases of hives last around 24 hours and can be caused by hundreds of triggers, from foods like peanuts, to materials such as latex, to viral infection, to everyday plants you never knew you were allergic to. Read More 

Did You Have Bell’s Palsy And Your Face Is Drooping? 2 Cosmetic Procedures You Can Choose

If you had Bell's palsy in the past, you likely have facial paralysis on one side of your face. This means you have weak facial muscles, which results in paralysis of the affected area of your face. This can affect the movement around your mouth and/or eyes and other areas of the face. It also causes this side of your face to droop.  Below are some cosmetic procedures you might want to consider if you want to feel better about yourself and your appearance. Read More 

2 Things Ice Hockey Goalies Can Do To Prevent Knee Injuries

The butterfly position that is favored by many ice hockey goalies in recent years places a great deal of strain on the knee joint. If you are worried about maintaining the health of your knees as you try to stop pucks in the upcoming hockey season, there are some things that you can do to try and prevent many of the knee injuries that plague goalies. Here are two things to implement into your daily routine if you want to avoid a serious knee injury when you step out onto the ice next season. Read More