Answers To Common Questions About Time Limits Associated With Your New Dentures

If you have lost most or all of your teeth, you may already know that restoring them is not always the right choice. The cost of a whole mouth restoration can be prohibitive, reaching or exceeding $45,000 dollars in some cases and resulting in many hours spent with your dentist. In comparison, some bargain dentures can be made for just a few hundred dollars in some places. Therefore, when you need a healthy, affordable smile soon, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information about getting dentures.

How Long Will You Need To Go Without Teeth?

One of the more popular questions will often relate to how long you will need to walk around without your teeth after having your remaining teeth extracted. Unfortunately, that may vary based on your specific situation and how many teeth you need to have pulled. However, it is often possible to have your teeth pulled and to get a temporary denture on the same day. 

It may be helpful to consider that if you are having all of your teeth pulled on the same day, you may find that wearing a full set of dentures for the first time on the same day is uncomfortable. Alternatively, your dentist or oral surgeon might suggest delaying immediate use of your dentures if you use blood thinners, although the American Dental Association has announced that the majority of individuals using blood thinners do not need to quit taking anticoagulants before oral surgery.

Will You Be Able To See your Permanent Dentures The Same Day Of Extractions?

Once you realize that you are likely to get a set of dentures on the same day you get your teeth pulled or very soon after, it only makes sense that you will want to see your new teeth as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that is probably not going to be possible.

That is because your gums will take about six to eight weeks to heal completely after your remaining teeth are pulled. Therefore, you will get temporary dentures to wear until then. When your gums heal, molds will then be made that match up perfectly to your gums and you will be able to wear those. In addition, you will also need to return to the dentist several times even after you get your permanent false teeth, so that they can be adjusted to fit you more precisely.

In conclusion, deciding to get dentures for the first time is a big choice. As a result, knowing the answers to common questions about the time limits associated with getting and wearing your false teeth will be very helpful. Contact a business, such as the Bristol Dental Group, for more information.