Common Myths and Misconceptions About Walk-In Clinics

No matter where you live, chances are you will have a walk-in, or urgent care clinic nearby and ready to provide you with excellent service. There are a number of different injuries, illnesses, and other issues that can be treated quickly at your local walk-in clinic. Unfortunately, there are several pieces of misinformation circulating that might make you think twice about utilizing your nearest urgent care facility. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about walk-in clinics.

Urgent Cares Are Just Like Emergency Rooms

You are feeling under the weather and assume that you will receive the same type of care at an urgent care clinic that you would receive in an emergency room. In reality, urgent care clinics and emergency rooms are very different facilities that will provide you with different levels of care. The staff at an urgent care clinic can treat non-emergent medical issues.

This can be anything from a minor burn or a stomachache to an ear infection or bladder infection. An emergency room is designed to treat more serious injuries and issues. There are other noticeable differences between urgent care clinics and emergency rooms.

For example, your wait time at an urgent care clinic is often shorter than in an emergency room. If you must pay out-of-pocket for a minor nonemergent issue, you will find that the fees associated with being treated at an urgent care clinic are fess less than in an emergency room.

Walk-In Clinics Do Not Take Appointments

The name walk-in clinic might make you assume that you cannot reserve your spot in line or make an appointment. In reality, you might be able to make an appointment, depending upon the clinic. Many facilities allow you to save your place in line through the urgent care's website. This will allow you to check in and spend less time in the waiting room.

Urgent Care Clinics Do Not Provide Quality Care

Finally, because of the nature of walk-in clinics and the fact that these facilities cannot treat emergent conditions, you might have heard that the staff at a walk-in clinic cannot provide a quality level of care. In reality, urgent care clinics are staffed with passionate, well-educated professionals who can provide you with experienced care.

Whether you see a nurse practitioner or a doctor, you can rest assured that you will be able to receive an amazing level of care and specialized treatment.

To learn more, contact a walk-in medical clinic in your area to speak with a professional.