3 Types Of Tummy Tucks

If you are considering a tummy tuck, there are a few aspects of surgery that you should be aware of. No matter why you want to pursue surgery or what your outpatient recovery will look like, one of the most important things to consider is what the surgery will look like.

The tummy tuck surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, which means you'll be asleep during the procedure. When you are asleep, one of these techniques will be used to remove unwanted belly fat.

Complete Abdominoplasty

If you want to remove a significant portion of fat from your body, you may benefit from complete abdominoplasty surgery. This technique involves making an incision at the bikini line as well as another incision at the belly button.

If you are worried about the scars, from a complete abdominoplasty, there may be no need. The scar length is dependent on how much fat should be removed and how much skin is removed.


A mini-abdominoplasty is a surgery that involves a short incision, and it is typically intended for the removal of lower abdominal fat. If you do not have a lot of skin to remove, the mini-abdominoplasty is a great choice. Unlike the complete abdominoplasty, this surgery does not require an incision in the belly button.

Since your incision will be smaller and you have less skin, the chance of experiencing a serious scar is not as severe. If you already have a C-section scar, a surgeon may use the same incision to ensure that you do not have multiple scars in the same location.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty

This surgery removes fat from the stomach as well as the sides and back. Your doctor will also work on the hips, contouring your body's shape. Your belly button may be draped differently over your body to create a soft contour after the fat has been removed.

As far as scars, this surgery may come with more scars because there may be more incisions. You will have incisions on your back or bottom as well as on your abdomen. Surgeons do their best to hide the incisions and potential scars.

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Are you ready for tummy tuck surgery? These are three options you might consider. If you are still on the fence, you should consult with a doctor to learn more about the different surgery options. You might even pair your tummy tuck with another surgery.

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