Some Mental Health Services That Are Offered To College Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased instances in which students are isolated and has incited feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear. Many colleges have expanded the mental health services that they offer to students who live on- and off-campus. If your student will be beginning their college journey, be certain that adequate mental health resources are available to them.

An On-Campus Counselor

An on-campus counselor may provide private counseling sessions. Often, a student's performance is directly associated with the way that a student has been feeling. Some signs of depression or anxiety are visibly noticeable, but there could be some other factors that influence how well a student is doing in class.

Starting a new college career can be overwhelming, especially if a student was previously accustomed to being one of the top students of their school and now is finding it hard to fit in. Substance abuse, eating disorders, and acts of violence could also indicate that a problem is present.

An on-campus counselor will uphold a confidentiality agreement. This will allow any active student to seek services without their personal situations and feelings being revealed to anyone else. When exploring various colleges that will provide an adequate learning atmosphere for your child, research the on-campus counseling services that are available. 

Telehealth Services

Many college students are anxious to live independently and may find that it is more rewarding to live in an off-campus apartment or house. Telehealth services are offered at many higher education learning institutions. A service that focuses on mental barriers may offer a student the opportunity to speak to a licensed mental health counselor.

Telehealth sessions include a video conference or an audio chat session that omits the use of a camera. This type of service is typically offered to those who live on- or off-campus. Students who are more isolated from their peers and who have been living remotely may find that a telehealth service is very convenient for them to use.

A telehealth service works similarly to an 'in-person' counseling session. A counselor will allow a student to voice their concerns and will provide them with the support they need to overcome the negative feelings that they have been experiencing. Some colleges may offer telehealth services around the clock. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout each private telehealth session that a student participates in with their counselor.

For more information on college mental health resources, contact a professional near you.