Frequently Asked Questions About Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataracts can leave you with blurry vision and discomfort. People of any age may experience cataracts, and it is important that you have an understanding of your condition to know what to expect. Surgery can leave you with great results, but you might still have questions about the procedure.

These are some of the questions you might have about cataract surgery and recovery.

Are the Results Immediate?

You may still experience some blurriness or cloudiness in your vision right after surgery. Your eyes need to adjust to the new lens, and this can take some time. Trust that your eyes will adjust with time. Sometimes the results are apparent in a matter of just a few hours.

What Are the Side Effects of Cataract Surgery?

Right after surgery, you may experience some redness. Blood vessels in your eye may be broken, so you might notice a change in color for a few days. You can rest assured knowing that your eyes will return to their normal coloring very soon after the surgery.

Other common side effects include bruising and perhaps slight swelling at the site of anesthesia. Healing should last just a few days.

What Should You Avoid After Surgery?

On the first days after surgery, there are a few things you need to avoid. For example, you should not be driving for the next day or so. You also need to avoid lifting heavy items and putting pressure on your eye with lots of movement.

Infection can also occur after surgery, which is why it is so important to follow your doctor's orders. For example, your doctor may advise you not to take baths or sink your head below water for a few days. Make sure to get clearance from your doctor before returning your daily routine.

Should Your Eyes Hurt?

Your eyes should not be in pain following surgery. If you are in pain, you should call your eye doctor or surgeon to make sure that nothing else is wrong. Some people do experience slight irritation, leaving your eyes feeling a bit itchy as you recover. Refrain from touching or itching your eyes to avoid damaging the area or increasing the irritation.

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