Have You Developed A Slight Limp? Scoliosis May Be To Blame

Scoliosis is a severe back problem that occurs when your spine begins curving at a young age. Unfortunately, it is a problem that can be hard to spot without professional help. However, if you notice a slight limp developing in your gait, there's a chance that scoliosis is the culprit.

Scoliosis Causes An Uneven Gait

The curvature caused to your spine by scoliosis can lead to a variety of health problems, the most obvious of which will be the way it affects the way you walk. As your scoliosis increases in severity, you may notice that you have developed a slight limp or an imbalance in your gait. This may make you more unbalanced as you walk and cause other back problems.

This effect has been studied and proven in multiple tests. In fact, severe scoliosis may make it nearly impossible to walk without feeling severe pain. However, a slight limp doesn't automatically indicate scoliosis. You need to understand the other symptoms of this disease to tell it apart from others that may cause limps.

Other Symptoms Of Scoliosis

If you have noticed a limp developing in your gait, watch yourself for the following symptoms to gauge if you are suffering from scoliosis:

  • Uneven pant legs and shirt sleeves
  • Arm length that varies between your two arms
  • Shoulder height variations
  • Back pain and numbness
  • Imbalance between your breasts

These symptoms, when paired with a slight limp, indicated the chance that you have scoliosis that was missed when you were a child. Unfortunately, this problem will only get worse as you age, making it necessary to get it treated as soon as possible.

Treating This Health Problem

To manage your scoliosis symptoms, there are a variety of simple treatment methods. The type used will vary depending on the severity of your symptoms:

  • Observation – this includes watching the development of the disease and treating pain symptoms as they occur
  • Back braces – if your scoliosis continues to get worse, back braces may be in order, as they can help correct the curvature of your spine
  • Surgery – most adults with scoliosis need surgery to treat the problem before it gets worse

While it might seem scary to have your spine operated on, it is often a necessary step for correcting severe back problems. You might be surprised at how quickly scoliosis surgery will eliminate the pain associated with scoliosis and how quickly your limp will disappear.

For more information, talk with health specialists, such as those at C D Denison.