What Are The Different Types Of Treatment For Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that is caused by excess pressure on the eye. This pressure occurs when the eye does not properly drain enough intraocular fluid. If increased eye pressure is not treated, this causes damage to the optic nerve which can eventually lead to permanent blindness. There are different types of treatment available for glaucoma, and their level of success depends on the individual and how far the glaucoma has advanced. These are some common treatments for this condition.

Nonsurgical Treatments 

If glaucoma is diagnosed early, it may be possible to use nonsurgical treatments to prevent it from getting worse. This includes oral medications or special eye drops that can lower the pressure in the eyes by helping the fluid to drain as needed.

Laser Surgery 

When laser surgery is performed on the eye, small holes are made in the filtration angle of the eye to help release more intraocular fluid. This procedure can be done when the patient's eyes drain only a small amount to help more fluid to be drained to relieve pressure. It is also performed on patients who have fluid blockage in the eye.


Microsurgery is also available for those who have more severe cases of glaucoma. This procedure is done by creating a new channel in the eye in which the fluid can drain from. Small incisions are made near the natural drainage of the eye that allow fluid to drain more easily, which relieves the intraocular pressure.

Eye Stents

Another surgical procedure that is designed to decrease pressure in the eyes involves implanting the affected eye with a tiny stent or shunt. The stent is placed near the natural canal where it would otherwise drain naturally. However, the natural canal is bypassed so that fluid can flow directly to the stent to be released.

Eye stents and shunts are usually made of either silicon or stainless steel. They are often implanted into the eye at the same time that cataract surgery is taking place.

Glaucoma surgery procedures are performed for the purpose of relieving the pressure of the eyes by helping the correct amount of fluid to be released. While medications and eye drops may not work for everyone, many people have had great success with the various types of surgical glaucoma treatments. The earlier glaucoma is diagnosed, the sooner these treatments can begin. Early glaucoma treatment makes it less likely that this disease will cause permanent damage to the eyes.

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