Getting Older? 4 Tips To Achieve Those Desired Younger-Looking Eyes

Although many don't realize it, there are actually a lot of perks to getting older. You get to retire, go on the road, find stability and even have grandkids. However, most people don't actually want to look their older age. The skin around the eyes is one of the first places that your age really begins to show, but a few good habits can help keep you looking young and fresh. Here are a few eye-related tips to achieve that younger-looking appearance:

1. Don't Slack on the Beauty Rest.

Getting your beauty sleep has long been a saying, but it is one that has merit in the case of your eyes. When you don't get enough sleep each night, your eyes become puffy and those annoying dark circles form underneath your eyes. Neither of these do any good when it comes to promoting younger-looking eyes. When you do have dark circles, you can use concealer to lighten their appearance.

2. Protect Your Eyes with Proper Gear.

When you're going to be out and about, even if it is just 30 minutes, protect your skin and those eyes. According to Mayo Clinic, UV ray exposure can cause your skin's collagen to break down. Once this happens, your skin isn't as strong and supple, which results in premature sagging and wrinkling. Make sure you wear sunscreen to protect your skin, but you should also ensure you're wearing a quality pair of sunglasses as well to avoid squinting.

3. Give Your Eyes a Spa Day.

When you are dealing with dark circles and puffiness, consider providing your eyes with a cool compress. This can help reduce blood circulation and relieve the swelling. Alternatives to cold compresses would be chilled teaspoons, tea bags or cucumber slices.

4. Consume a Diet That Is Good for the Eyes.

There are certain foods that can help protect your vision by preventing eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. According to WebMD, you need to eat foods that contain lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega-3s. Some of the best foods for your eyes include spinach, kale, strawberries, grapefruit, sunflower seeds and almonds. Carrots, sweet potatoes, salmon and turkey are all good sources of the nutrients that your eyes need to remain healthy and young.

These tips may help you achieve the appearance of younger-looking eyes, but you can actually keep them younger by visiting your eye doctor on a regular is and undergoing eye exams. Eye exams are designed to catch problems early on so that they can be treated before they can major issues and lasting damage. If you haven't had an exam in a while, it's time to contact your local eye doctor to schedule an appointment. Plus, you can update your eyeglasses so that they frame your face perfectly, which can also help you look younger. 

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