Transform Your Eyes With Wild Contact Lenses

If you've grown tired of regular contact lenses, then you might be interested in new, exciting options. Some of them are wild looking; some of them are really beautiful. They are different than regular contact lenses in that they alter the color of your eye

It might be something as simple as altering the color of your iris. Or it could be something dramatic, such as a design that doesn't naturally occur in human eyes.

Here are some options, starting with the most natural and moving towards the wildest ones available.

Accentuate The Tint of Your Eyes

The simplest way to alter your eyes is to accentuate your natural color. These contact lenses are referred to as tinted. They don't change your color; they enhance it. For instance, if you have brown eyes, the tinted lenses won't change the color to blue or green. What they do is enhance the brown color. They help bring out the different shades of brown.

The one caveat with regard to tinted contact lenses is that they are best suited for light color eyes. So, if you have dark brown or dark blue eyes, they are not recommended. The tint works best at highlighting the light shades.

Change The Color Completely

Do you sometimes feel that you want to have a completely different eye color? Well, the way to do this is to use colored contact lenses. Unlike tinted lenses, these lenses have a color that "overrides" your current color. It doesn't matter if your current eye color is light or dark, the lenses work with any color.

It is important that when you use colored contact lenses you take safety precautions. You should not treat them as toys. If you have not used contact lenses before, then make sure you read up on the safety recommendations. There have been incidents where people got injured because they did not follow proper procedure.

Really Out There Looks: Theatrical Lenses

Have you ever felt the need to have alien looking eyes? What about feline eyes? Well, then you will want to look into theatrical lenses. These are lenses designed to change the entire look of your eye. You can have ghostly blue eyes with small pupils, cats eyes with vertical pupils, or designs that incorporate stars or fire. These are popular around Halloween, but there are lots of people who use them for cosplay or simply for a change of pace.

For information about both fun and standard contact lenses — and for advice on using them safely — contact a local eye doctor.