Tips for Using Testosterone Replacement Cream

If your testosterone levels are low and it has begun to affect your sex life and overall well-being, your doctor may have prescribed a testosterone replacement cream for you to use. Such creams come with a lower risk of side effects than other forms of testosterone supplementation, like injections, but there are still a few intricacies involved with their use. Here are a few tips to help ensure success when using testosterone replacement cream.

Make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Generally, you will be instructed to apply the cream to your inner thighs. Unfortunately, this is an area that tends to get sweaty quickly, and if the area is sweaty or moist, you won't absorb the testosterone as well. So to ensure maximum absorption, spend time washing and drying your inner thighs before you apply the cream. You do not have to take a full shower if you are short on time. Wiping the area down with a damp cloth and then patting it dry should be sufficient. Some men like to keep wet wipes with them so they can use them to clean their thighs before applying testosterone cream when not at home.

Wash your hands after application.

You're not meant to absorb the gel through your hands. You also do not want to risk transferring any of the gel to someone else's skin if you happen to touch them. Therefore, the safest thing to do is to wash your hands immediately after applying the testosterone gel. Use soap, and bring it to a full lather before rinsing. 

Avoid sexual contact for an hour.

You will want to apply the gel at the same time per day. Many men apply it in the morning because this means they will not be having sexual contact for a while after application. You do not want to have sex immediately after the application because then some of the testosterone may rub off your thighs and onto your partner. Not only would this reduce the dose you get, but it could have negative effects on your partner, too.

Monitor your dose.

Applying the cream is like applying lotion, but you have to be very careful how much you use. Do not just mindlessly pump the container or squeeze some out. If your doctor says to use two pumps, use two pumps — every time. If you are struggling to apply the testosterone because the volume you're recommended to use is not enough, tell your doctor about this struggle. They can prescribe a weaker testosterone cream, meaning that you can apply a greater volume for ultimately the same dose.

Learn more about this option by contacting a testosterone replacement therapy service.