Time For Your Child To Hit The Range With You? 4 Pieces Of Equipment They’re Going To Need

If it's time to start taking your child to the range, they're going to need their own gear. Now that they're old enough to hit the range with you, they're old enough to pack their own gear. If this will be your first time preparing a child for range time, you might not know what they'll need. The list provided below will help you gear up your child for their first trip to the range.

1. Their Own Rifle

If your child is old enough to head to the range with you, they're old enough for their own rifle. That doesn't mean you need to head out and purchase them an expensive, high-powered rifle. A lightweight 22-long rifle will do just fine for their first rifle. One of the reasons you want to provide your child with their own rifle is that it will give them experience cleaning and caring for a weapon of their own. It will also ensure that the weapon they're learning on is one that they can grow with. It's important to note that your child's rifle should be locked in your gun safe when it is not at the range with you and your child.

2. Safety Gear

If your child is going to be going to the shooting range with you, they're going to need their own safety gear. Your child should never be allowed on the range without the proper gear, which should include safety goggles with impact-resistant lenses and ear plugs. Gun ranges can be quite loud. Protective ear plugs will help protect your child against hearing damage.

3. Ball Cap

In addition to the safety gear that your child will need, they should also have a ball cap to wear while they're at the range. A ball cap will help keep the glare out of your child's eyes. It will also help keep the sun off your child's head. This is important if you won't be under a protective cover while at the range. When choosing a ball cap for your child, be sure to choose one that comes in a bright color. This will ensure that your child is visible at all times while at the range.

4. First Aid Kit

Now that you're going to be spending time at the range with your child, you'll need to ensure that you have a first aid kit for them. You never know when they'll pick up a spent casing that's still a little hot, or scrape their knuckles up while learning to load their magazine. Having a small first aid kit will ensure that you don't need to cut your day short when your child gets a minor injury.

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