How Memory Care Can Help Your Loved One Cope With Pick’s Disease

Pick's disease is a big challenge for caregivers. It is a rare type of dementia that is related to age. This disease affects the frontal lobes of your brain. It also causes behavior problems, speech difficulties and eventually death.

This disease cannot be stopped or slowed. However, you must maximize the person's comfort as much as possible. Read on to find out how memory care can help your loved one cope with Pick's Disease.

Put Your Loved One In A Facility With A Memory Care Ward

Delusion and paranoia are common symptoms of this disease. The combination of the inability to function and personality changes may require you to place someone with Pick's Disease in a dementia care community. However, you should choose a facility with a memory care ward.

A dementia care facility is designed to accommodate patients dealing with this disease. The physical layout of the ward minimizes the residents from wandering off. The community is also pleasant and easy to navigate.

Specialized Training Staff On Hand

Many dementia care facilities have staff that is passionate about their residents. They help make the facility a loving, caring and supportive place. This is necessary because people with Pick's Disease have problems with adjusting to new surroundings. It results in them becoming angry and not wanting to listen.

Staff is carefully selected and trained for this type of facility. They are also available around the clock. This means your loved one can get help at anytime.  

Improves Dining Experience

Some dementia patients have problems with eating. It becomes impossible for them to grocery shop and prepare meals. Dementia patient also have problems with using their utensils. They may forget how to use the utensils and become unsure about the food on the plate. Dementia care facility also has staff on hand to help residents with eating.

Pick's Disease is a condition that gets worse overtime. The symptoms are not always noticeable. It is caused by the accumulation of tau proteins in your brain. The tau proteins are known as Pick bodies, which cause neurological damage where present. As the disease progresses, every aspect of daily functioning and cognition become severely impaired.

It is not easy when a loved one is going through a severe condition. You have to make sure the person is going to doctor's appointments, taking medication, staying active and eating healthy. To accomplish this, you have to take advantage of support and make sure your loved one is comfortable. Visit a site like for more help.