3 Things To Think About When Choosing Designer Eyewear

By the time you make it to the eye doctor for your yearly eye exam, you might already know what kind of frames you are looking for. Instead of perusing your options and trying on a few different pairs, you might zero in on those tortoise-shell beauties you have had your eyes on for a while. Unfortunately, choosing frames without a lot of forethought might leave you in a bind later. Here are three things to think about when choosing designer eyewear and why it might matter down the road:

1: Designer Influences

Before you dive headfirst into those bright neon frames, take a few minutes to research the designer. What influenced their latest line? Although it might not seem relevant, finding a designer influenced by things that you love might help you to pay homage to your home turf. For example, if you adore the rough and tumble world of the Bronx in New York, look around for a designer who used that are as their inspiration. You might be able to give your favorite places a nod without looking too obvious. 

2: Blendability

Those chrome-colored frames might seem like an interesting way to add a spark to your look, but how well will they blend in with the rest of your wardrobe? Before you head to the optometrist's office, take the time to think about your favorite clothes and accessories. Make notes about the colors that you tend to gravitate to, and the other pieces your glasses might be competing against.

When you start shopping, look for glasses that will meld with your other items. It might seem like a lot of work, but when you won't have to worry about those glasses clashing with your favorite suit, getting dressed will be a lot easier.

3: Reputation

You worry about product warranties and customer service ratings when you shop for a new car, so why wouldn't you look into the same things when you shop for eyeglasses? Before you start shopping, take a few minutes to research the customer service policies each designer brand offers. Although some frames might be covered under the service warranty at your doctor's office, some designers handle customer service issues personally. Try to find a company with a reputation for handling issues in stride, so that you don't have to worry about a pair of broken glasses damaging your financial picture. 

Taking your time to choose the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses might help you to stay confident and avoid buyer's remorse.  Click here for more info about designer eye wear.