Treating Common Injuries In Children

If you have a small child, there are bound to be injuries that happen every once in a while. Knowing how to take care of the most common ones is important so the injuries will heal properly. There are some instances when you will need to bring your child to a doctor if you are not able to take care of the injury on your own. Here are some of the more common injuries that occur when a child is small and some instructions on how to treat them.

Bumps And Bruises

Small children are prone to receiving a lot of bruising due to falls and bumping into furniture or other items. When children are learning to walk, this is a common occurrence. Bruising can be relieved by placing an ice pack on the affected area in order to keep swelling down. After the injury occurs, place some ice cubes inside a plastic storage bag and wrap it inside a hand towel. Place the towel on the affected area and keep it in place for about twenty minutes. Give the skin a break and repeat again in an hour if the swelling has not gone down.

Scrapes And Cuts

Injuries involving cuts should be handled quickly in order to stop any bleeding from happening. When a child gets a cut, you will want to apply pressure to the affected area using a clean piece of cloth or a towel. Hold it in place to stop the bleeding, allowing the blood to clot. Check the severity of the cut if the bleeding does not stop. If it looks too deep to be able to handle, you will need to bring your child to the hospital to see if stitches are needed. If you are able to get the bleeding to stop, you can follow with a treatment of an antibacterial cream and a bandage.


If your child touches a hot surface that gives them a burn, you will want to put the affected area under a faucet running cool water. Placing it in frigid cold water will be shocking to the skin. Keep the area covered so it is not irritated by things touching it. You can put some aloe on the affected area to help sooth the skin. If you notice any blistering or if the skin is coming off in layers, you will want to get your child to an urgent care facility.

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