3 Reasons You Need To Find An OB/GYN Before You Become Pregnant

If you are starting to think about conceiving with your partner, it is important that you find a gynecologist you trust that can also work with you during your first few months of pregnancy. Ideally, you would keep the same gynecologist through the birth of your child. 

Your Gynecologist Can Help You Conceive 

Before you try to conceive, there are several behavioral changes you should make that will help with conception and a healthy pregnancy. If you are honest with your gynecologist, they can give you advice on when to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, how to lose weight and tone your muscles in preparation for pregnancy, and which prenatal vitamins you should begin taking before you become pregnant. 

Your gynecologist can also help educate you about fertility and the best time to conceive. Since most sex education focuses on preventing pregnancy, many women are at a loss when it comes to the sometimes complex methods involved in getting pregnant, such as measuring vaginal mucus and monitoring your temperature throughout the month. 

Your Gynecologist Can Spot Early Pregnancy Problems 

10%-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and up to 50% of potential pregnancies end before implantation. Although most of these miscarriages are spontaneous, and not caused by the actions of the mother, your gynecologist will be able to determine if you are at higher risk for miscarriage.

Miscarriage can be emotionally difficult for many women, and your gynecologist can help you spot signs of depression, direct you towards information about miscarriage, and let you know when it is okay for you to try again.

You Will Build a Trusting Relationship With Your Gynecologist 

Working together with your gynecologist to conceive builds a trusting relationship. Once you become pregnant, you will not have to undergo the stress of finding an obstetrician you trust, and you will know that your gynecologist is already invested in your pregnancy. During the final months of pregnancy, you will appreciate having a doctor who knows your history, is aware of which problems to look for, and knows how to set your mind at ease. 

Many women do not start looking for an obstetrician until late in their pregnancy. However, it is a good idea to begin building a long-term relationship with your OB/GYN before you become pregnant. Start by asking your current gynecologist whether they are taking on new pregnant patients, and if not, contact a clinic, like Bee Ridge Obstetrics Gynecology, to stick with you through your entire pregnancy.