A Few Of The Top Questions Concerning The Creation Of Dentures

When you have lost your natural teeth, most dentists will recommend that you go ahead and get fitted for dentures, or take a look into dental implant options that may be available. This is because your teeth serve your body a valuable purpose and going without them can actually be a health concern. In the event you choose to get dentures, you can be left with a lot of questions about their creation and what they will look like when the dental lab has completed the process. Here are a few of the top questions concerning the creation of dentures and prosthetic teeth.

Is it possible to make dentures that look more like your natural teeth?

One of the biggest concerns new denture wearers often have is the fear that everyone will be able to plainly see they are wearing dentures. It is possible to have dentures made that look more like your natural teeth. Whether you had a slight natural gap or teeth that were slightly misshapen, a dental lab can work with your dental records to create a set of teeth that are similar to what you have lost, even if that means imperfections.

How long will it take to get the new dentures once a work order has been sent to the dental lab?

It is expected that you will not have to be seen out in the public without teeth for longer than you have to. Once the dentist has taken molds of your mouth and sends the prescription information to a dental lab, you can normally expect your dentures to be ready within a few days. Keep in mind that individualized requests and custom designs can take longer to complete.

How long should you wait after your teeth are removed to be fitted for dentures?

Various dentists have different practices and recommendations when it comes to when you should be fitted for dentures. You can be fitted right away; however, your mouth will change shape as your gums heal and harden. Therefore, your new dentures will have to be adjusted several times to attain the right fit.

The idea of having to obtain dentures may be scary, but you should know that dentures are no longer an unsightly prosthetic mouth piece that was often used in the past. With the right professionals on your side, your dentures can look just as good as real teeth and no one will know there is a difference. Visit a dental lab like Custom Design Ortho Lab for more information.